On the Job with C: Long Cove

2013 has started off with a bang for CMI.  We were just awarded a job to design the interiors of a brand new lake home.  We are absolutely thrilled.  The community is just an hour and half south of Big D in a amazing subdivision that surely going to be making big news.  Long Cove is a master planned luxury community modeled with the ideals of new urbanism.  After a visit this past weekend with my boys, hubby and assistant Alex, I’m smitten.

“Long Cove is a new community built to give Dallas families a close-to-home place to sneak away for much-needed bonding and relaxation time.  Long Cove’s initial phase includes 34 properties, situated in the middle of the community’s six miles of picturesque shoreline.”  Think Watercolor, Seaside…but closer.

To schedule a home or homesite preview at Long Cove, email info@long-cove.com or contact them at 214.220.9992.


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