Friday Happy Hour: Kravet loves Paws

One thing that usually makes me happy is my dog Paws.  That big fluffy golden retriever will park herself in my office as I work on clients and happily jump in my car as I head to do errands.  Last week was no exception as headed to Kravet to pull some fabrics for a client.  While pursing the lines, Kevin, the Dallas showroom manager who totally rocks, comes running to the back to ask “Who has the beautiful dog?”  I immediately start to panic, thinking she has jumped out the window and now pouncing on anyone who appears to be timid of hairy large animals.  I’m quickly assured that I’m indeed wrong.  The staff at Kravet LOVES dogs and soon we were out in the parking lot making introductions while Kevin presented Paws with a treat.

And yes, I did get my real work done too.  One of my clients is desiring a beachy new master bedroom.  I immediately thought of Barclay Butera and his fabric line at Kravet.  Are these not fabulous?

While I love the Kravet line of fabrics, I have to say, I’m kinda digging their staff.  Where else can get you the perfect fabric and a little love for your dog?


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