Friday Happy Hour: The flower guy found me

Happy!  I just got flowers.  Delivered to my house.  I totally thought they were for my cute neighbor next door and immediately got up to assure Mr. friendly flower delivery guy that these indeed were not mine.  But shockingly I was wrong. Carol, my super talented always pushed me to the “A” AI classmate sent me a thank you “for sharing your talent and your reviews”.   She is wrapping up her thesis on why institutional rehab centers are in need of a serious redesign and I was her designated review girl.

I’m sure she got an “A” and I can’t wait to see what she does upon graduation (move to dallas, move to dallas).  In the meantime, the flowers perk up my desk even though it’s completely buried right now.  One day, I will make my office “top priority” but until then, here some innovative products from the Container Store to get me stylishly organized and productive.

{1} Cable twisters – now why hadn’t I though that?   {2} iSlice Magnetic Cutting Tool.  The name makes you want to start ripping off plastic wrap immediately.  Bring me something now.  {3} Flowers on my super messy desk. And clients always wonder why we have to take photos immediately  {4} Luggage Id.  My black tumi bag has found color happiness.


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