On the Job with C: Doors & Hardware

A client called last week and is annoyed with her door levers.  “They hook together”, she tells me, “the door lever hooks with the closet lever… and I got so frustrated I ripped one of them off the door”.

Hardware and doors are often the most overlooked thing in the house.  They need to function and look nice, but clients quickly move on to fun things like sunburst mirrors and bar carts.  I quickly began to assess the situation.  Yes, the builder shouldn’t have configured the doors in such a fashion, but we can’t fix that now.   In addition, the hardware levers should have never been chosen, especially since it was obvious they would collide together.

Off I went in search of replacements.  Right now, polished nickel is hot.  It’s warmer and nicer than polished chrome.  Brass (hold your hat) is making a come back –  not the shiny kind but a more muted one.   Hardware is the jewelry of your house, so choose it wisely.  Just as you wouldn’t buy your engagement ring at Walmart, don’t rush out and buy the door levers that are  in stock at Lowe’s.

Robert A.M. Stern, one of the great architects of our time, recently introduced a beautiful line of doors and hardware.   Isn’t it incredible?

Classic.  Just like the ring in that beautiful blue Tiffany box.

Doors:  From Lualdi  and  Hardware:  SA Baxter


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