On the Job with C: Ann Sacks & Renaissance

This week I ventured with a client to Ann Sacks and Renaissance Tile & Bath.   These showrooms really help a client visualize a space through their vignettes of beautiful tiles mixed with bathroom fixtures.  Our goal was to find some tiles we love, play with faucets and find the perfect claw foot double slipper tub (where both ends of the tub slope).

Victoria + Albert makes a stunning volcanic limestone tub we adored, but unfortunately doesn’t make double slipper with claw feet (please, please make one) so we will be settling on a cast iron version.

Ann Sacks also has a fabulous new line of affordable Italian porcelain tile that has the weathered look of antique wood and linen.  Perfect for the floors of a lakehouse with lots of texture.  We also love the classic look of carrara for the master and of course the Hampstead line of faucets….all great finds for me to build from…

(1) Ann Sacks showroom Dallas  {2} Rustico tile {3} V+A’s Toulouse  {4} Hampstead Basin Set


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