On the Job with C: Reclaimed Wood

A few weeks back we began investigating reclaimed wood for use in our lake home project.  My client has a strong appreciation for its use having grown up with a grandfather in the wood manufacturing industry.  We met with Chuck from Texas Architectural Timbers who is a top notch resource and is partnering with us on the project.  The Sinker Long Leaf Pine and Sinker Cypress we will use often comes from the bottom of a Louisiana river, having fallen off a transport ship in the late 18th – early 19th century.  We plan to use it in the flooring and potentially as ceiling beams.

Here are some photos we discussed:

{1} Recent install  {2} Cypress run diagonally in kitchen  {3} Client’s Cypress Rocker make from reclaimed cypress started the inspiration {4} Floors shine in the bathroom and handle water well

These types of wood have been richly preserved beneath the river bed and will finally find new life in a lively lake house.  It’s going to be beautiful….with an amazing story behind it.


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