Friday Happy Hour: Off to Watercolor

Our family is off to Watercolor, Florida!  We have vacationed there many times before and can’t wait to hit the beach and relax on our porch.  I love Watercolor for all its amenities, but I especially appreciate it New Urbanism architecture.  First introduced by the founding of communities such as Seaside and Celebration, New Urbanism focuses on the goal of a small-town historic feel.  It desires its residents to be in community and promotes walking, talking and a sense of connectedness far from the than the usual introduction of strip mall sections of suburban sprawl.    Each house in Watercolor features a Southern vernacular often with bungalows and small versions of antebellum mansions – most with a porch or two.  Here are some great examples:

Since then, many other new urbanism development have appears on Hwy 30-A, most recently Alys Beach located between Seaside and Rosemary Beach.  Not only it is a #1 vacation idea for families, but has a architecture lessons in itself.


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