Friday Happy Hour: The Hamptons

This weekend I’m sneaking away with my husband while the kids are at Sky Ranch.  He has a few meetings in NYC and then we are off to the Hamptons.  I’ve seen so many great houses in magazines and movies and it’s fine time I’ve seen the place.  I can’t wait.

As many of you know, the Hamptons is a seaside resort and one of the first historical summer colonies of the American Northeast.  In addition to its great architecture, it has some amazing restaurants.  We are going to drop in superstar chef Tom Colicchio’s new 75 seat Topping Rose Restaurant.  Housed in an 1842 Greek Revival mansion, the inn and restaurant is getting raved reviews.  The inn was recently updated by designer Alexandra Champalimaud who introduced iron four-poster beds.

{1} The beach {2} Hamptons Designer Show House Entry  {3} Topping Rose Inn & Restaurant  {4} Kate Spade’s backyard on pinterest


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