On the Job with C: Marble in the kitchen

I did it.  In my own kitchen.  I always wanted marble countertops and they have arrived.  It took me months to find the right slab.  I didn’t love the deep gray streaks in the Cararra although the price point rocked.  Calcutta, my true love, was just too darn expensive.  Eventually I found Bianco Levantina.  It had the veining and coloring of Calcutta at the Carrara price.  I called for weeks and it arrived one day at 8 AM and I was there on the dock waiting to chose my favorite slabs.  By 10 AM, all 30 slabs were taken.  Guess it’s the hot thing in Dallas right now.

Here is a shot of the in process update.  I changed the cabinet color from the popular creamy BM White Dove to a whiter BM – Chantilly Lace which worked better with the slab. I’m in love with the polished nickel Rohl faucet that shines like a new piece of jewelry.   I also need to add sconces over the bar and accessories.  But it’s getting so close to perfect.

{1} My new white kitchen in process  {2} Rohl Polished Nickel Faucet  {3} BM Chantilly Lace {4} 1 of several sold slabs

Am I nuts?  Won’t marble stain?  While it can, I doubt it. Not only am I a bit anal, but it takes something pretty crazy to do so.   Check out these blogs if you have your doubts:   Cote De Texas, Casatelli Marble and Petch House.

2 thoughts on “On the Job with C: Marble in the kitchen

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