Friday Happy Hour: Gray Stained Dining Table

I don’t usually put myself in the DIY column. I’m the one who always “wishes” I had the time, but I just never seem to.  Add my #1 weakness “impatience” combined with my ability to quickly outsource, it rarely happens.  However, one day it was actually cooler in Big D. My new roman shade in a pretty grey linen had just arrived and now I was staring at my dining table that was no longer the right color.

I’ve contemplated donating it to Dwell with Dignity and saving for a new one from Resto, but my table looks exactly like the Resto model minus the stain color.   Despite the fact I got it as a steal when a zgal store closed, it was still a great table.   After several days of stripping, sanding, wood conditioner and rubbing on stain and poly (I didn’t want any brush marks), it happened.  Now I have a new improved dining table that works fabulously with the kitchen.  While it’s far from perfect, it will definitely work for awhile.

{1} Inspiration Photo from Pinterest   {2}  Table after stripping.  Previously it was a dark cherry mahogany  {3} The staining supplies  {4} New table with Varathane Weathered Gray stain.  I originally considered Minwax Classic Gray 271 but liked the drying time on Varathane better

Now I need to recover all the chairs and add pillows and a cushion to the window sill.  Do I have time to sew?


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