Friday Happy Hour: Zara Home

It’s started with the sold out blue dress and bunion story on one of my fav blogs.  BFF and bunion friend Lisa found the dress on ebay.  It’s now happily in my closet.  How have I missed Zara?  How did I not know they have a home line?   Girlfriend, if you are in the dark as much as I am, take a look.  With H&M like pricing and styling, you are sure to find something you’ll love!

{1, 2 and 4} Great goodies at amazing prices on Zara Home website  {3} The dress


One thought on “Friday Happy Hour: Zara Home

  1. Hey there-

    I loved this post. Did you know that Zara is now the world’s largest clothing retailer? It passed the Gap (now #2) in sales a few years ago according to my husband. I’m passing along a good article about them, loved the end part about why they are not more of a presence in the US, basically because we are fat and wear sweatpants from Wal-Mart. Too funny.

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