Friday Happy Hour: The pretty bathtub

People often ask me what I have been doing “A LOT OF” these days.   Sure many are moving from a neutral beige palette to a neutral gray one.  Stainless appliances are still hot, while brass is making a serious comeback.  Another thing I’ve come to love and implement more and more of are standalone bathtubs.  No longer are people wanting the built-in spa jet tub with a tile surround.  They are desiring a pretty soaking tub (“yuck” most say when they think of what is sitting in those old jets) and many want the standalone version on a pedestal or with claw feet.  To me, these new versions are almost works of art.  I’m planning on ripping out my jet tile surround tub soon too.  In the meantime, here’s some great inspiration….

{1} Tiffany Eastman design {2 & 4} Pinterest {3} Suzanne Kasler Master Bath


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