On the Job with C: Cambria Torquay

My Calcutta marble loving clients recently headed to my house to see my kitchen.  While they loved it, I did show them how if you leaned to the side you could see etching or watermarks in my marble countertops.  While most guests probably wouldn’t notice, I do think my clients had some concern.  “Can’t you find us some white granite instead?,” they asked.   “If only God had made some, ” I replied.  However, there is a new man made material called Cambria Torquay. It’s a quartz and has the appearance of marble, but has the benefits of granite.  Another close alternative to consider is Silestone Lagoon.

Here’s are some places where Cambria Torquay have been used.

What do you think?  Close enough to marble to catch your eye?  I still love my marble, but the man made options are sure gaining some ground.

Images from Pinterest.


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