Friday Happy Hour: Dreaming of a White Christmas?

Are you dreaming of a White Christmas?  Being originally from Wisconsin, I can’t say the thought doesn’t cross my mind.  But I realize that no matter how often I play the song the chances of Dallas getting a lot of snow is few and far between…

Many people ask me how many trees I put up.  The answer.  It depends.  It varies by year depending on how busy I am, if I am in need of a pine scented holiday, requests from my boys on which ones they want and declines from my husband who has to bring down the boxes.  We will put up the Snoopy tree, perhaps bring in a real one, and maybe put up the large two story one if we are really adventurous.  But I do love the white tree.  Always a snap to put up and always brings a little fun to the room.

Here’s some fun pics to get you thinking about adding a white one to your home:

Pictures from Pinterest.


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