On the Job with C: The kitchen island redo

One of the things I have been asked frequently to do is address the kitchen island.  Many times we have found that the higher “bar section” is no longer being used for eating.  It’s become a place where things are randomly stored, where appetizers often fall off or where dirty dishes are collected.  Recently we have removed the bar slab piece and created one smooth island surface.  This allows for multi-funtional use; as one can still eat, provide appetizers and collect dirty dishes, but they sit nicely on one leveled countertop.

What do you think?  Do you still utilize your elevated bar or would a one piece surface function better for you?

{1} Pinterest Inspiration {2} Barstools can still be utilized and pushed under the countertop {3} The former design clients are eliminating, but is still may work for you  {4} The bar top is still set apart, but at the same height for multi-purpose.


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