Friday Happy Hour: Pheromone

As you may remember from my last post, I bought some amazing framed minerals at market.  I first stumbled on them in Aidan Gray Home and started pondering where I could possibility use them.  Several hours later,  I walked into J. Mackie & Associates and to my surprise became smitten with them once again.  Handcrafted by artist Christopher Marley of Pheromone, these minerals sparkle like diamonds are showcased in museum quality frames.

Marley realized through his extensive travels “that in every country, enigmatic, gorgeous natural artifacts were still to be discovered.”.  He now offers breathtaking insects, minerals, fossils, botanicals and deep sea organisms.  No two specimens are identical….each one is one of a kind.

{1} From Pheromone Facebook page  {2} Very similar to my 1st purchase, photo from Pheromone website {3} Pheromone Minerals on a wall at Aidan Gray which had been sold (yes all of them) when I returned back for the purple and crystal ones.  Luckily,  I ended up getting  larger versions from J. Mackie & Associates {4} Similar to my 2nd selection.


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