On the Job with C: Carpeting for area rugs

I love an amazing area rug.  It can be the focal point of the room.  Yet for many of my clients, they often want the furniture and accents first before spending any money on a rug.  I often get asked, “Do we even need a rug?  Does the furniture have to fit on the rug?  Can’t we go smaller?  Are there less expensive options?  How about ebay?”.  Once of the workaround I have utilized lately is carpeting.  I often head to a carpet showroom (Signature Floors is a great one) and find a pattern that works.  Then, we have it cut and often times seamed to the correct size. The edges are seared and it arrives as a perfectly sized area rug – often times for a lot less money.

If that isn’t an option and you are still in need of a less expensive rug, here are some alternatives:

{1} IKEA’s stockholm rug has been a home run at $199 {2} Dash & Albert is a great source, I love the diamond indoor/outdoor option {3} FLOR allows you to piece together your own rug using inexpensive squares; Lacebark is about $14/square  {4} Urban Outfitters carries a fun Chevron rug for only $299 seen here on pinterest


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