Dwell with Dignity: Thrift Studio 2014

Thrift Studio is here!


Get your party tickets here – you won’t want to miss it.  Our host committee hopes you join us!

Kathy Adcock-Smith
Christine Allison
Ellen Arnold
Nicole Arnold
Brendan Bass
Paige Baten-Locke
Tim Baxter
Leslie Bell
James Campbell
David Cadwallader
Georgina Callan
James Campbell
Jennifer Clark
Jody Clarke
Dawn Cleaves
Elle Cole
Serena Cole
Kelley Copeland
Leah Davis
Lois Del Negro
Abbe Fenimore
Joyce Fox
Linda Fritschy
Shay Geyer
Barbara Gilbert
Empress Gilbert
Flann Harris
Sherry Hayslip
Belinda Hernandez
Pat Hicks
Heather Hirosky
Stacy Huston
Jeffrey Johnson
Emily Johnston Larkin
Pam Kelley
Kyle Knight
Danna Lockett
Marissa Marmolejos
John Phifer Marrs
Denise McGaha
Pat McLaughlin
Melinda Miles
Carla Moss
Michelle Moussa
Reagan Nickelson
Vickie Parker
Karen Parks
Peggy Pepper
Danny Piassick
Courtney Price
Renee Rhyner
Robin Riddle
Lisa Rocchio
Shelly Rosenberg
Erin Sander
Samantha Sano
Kelley Schadt
Rebecca Schonert
Lance Selgo
Susanna Showers Moldawer
Matthew Simon
Mary Anne Smiley
Debra Stewart
Tiffany Taylor
Helene Terry-Haslett
Amy Timmerman
Susan Tiner
Kay Troutt
Cheryl Van Duyne
Kimberly Whitman
Bill Winsor
Breck Woolsey
Peggy Zadina

See you there!

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