On the Job with C: Choosing the End Table

Our Fairview project is right on target.  We are set to start installation Friday, June 20th with move in day the 30th.  I’m so excited!  As I head down the back stretch, I’m finalizing a few last items such as end tables, lamps and accessories.  Besides style and color, height is really important.  Ideally, you should never have to reposition your body when reaching out to place something on a table.  Rules?    The height of your end tables should relate to the arm height of the sofa or chairs next to it. If the arms are high, the table should also be high too.  It’s usually just about even with the arm height or an inch lower. If the arms are low, the table should follow suit with the arm height being even or up to about three inches lower.

Here are some fun tables we found that fit our floor plans well….


{1}Perfectly sized table on Pinterest  {2} Avenue B Livingston for the library {2} Lexington Rochelle for the living room {4}Ralph Lauren Maxfield Tripod Table for the sitting area


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