On the Job with C: Stair Runner

You know your nearing the end of the job when you go to finalize the carpet order.  Last week we confirmed the stair runner for our Fairview project.  In choosing the runner, we had to take into consideration the pattern, the color and the overall wear and tear of the two dogs who will be using the staircase frequently.  Determining the width of the stairs was important too.  For stairs that are approximately 3′ wide, I suggested a 27″ runner width. This width allows for good coverage so that you don’t feel like you are walking on a narrow strip, and is not too wide to overpower the stairs.  For wider stairs of about 4′ or 5′, a 32″ or 33″ runner is a good option, as it will leave a nice amount of floor showing on either side, and will not be diminished by the size of the stairs.  Or another quick way to do it is to simply measure the staircase between a baluster and the skirtboard and the runner should be about 6″ narrower than the staircase.

Here are a few examples of some stair runners….

{1} Pinterest {2} Pinterest {3} m{pression {4} La Dolce Vita


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