On the Job with C: Arranging the bookcase

We are one week away from our big install in Fairview.  From a weedy large lot to a new 5000+ home, we will have lots to highlight here soon.  At this point in the game, all the large items are purchased and are being inspected and prepared by our receiver White Glove Delivery.  Now, I’m busy shopping for accessories, mainly for the several bookcases throughout the home.

Many of my clients wonder why we need to even buy stuff for the bookcases.  After all, isn’t that where books are stored?  But layering accessories including books strategically on a set of shelves really ties the room together.  Plus it tells your guests all about you: what you read, what you collect and what you truly love.  I try to buy things in a variety of sizes, some shiny and others with lots of texture.  I like to group books together by color and love using odd numbers.  Here is some great inspiration….

{1} Pinterest {2} Lonny Magazine {3} Pinterest {4} HGTV



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