Paint Ponder: Soft Chamois

I’m looking for a soft neutral paint color for my dining room.  I want to be able to re-create it whatever the occasion,  bringing in different plates, tablecloths and accessories against a neutral backdrop.   I’m considering using Benjamin Moore Soft Chamois OC-13.  It has a warm gold undertone and will work great with a variety of metals.  What do you think?

{1} {2} {3} {4}


2 thoughts on “Paint Ponder: Soft Chamois

  1. Nice color!!  We will get the small side of our house painted today and then it will be finished.  Can you come up sometime?  Jeff will be here for 2 days on the 4th of July and Kelly and Craig Wozolla’s families will come around Aug 10th.   Have a nice week.  I was off Sat and Sunday so went for 3 boat rides with the dogs and they too loved it.  Went all the way to Kimberly City on Sat.  Mom

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