On the Job with C: Setbacks

I would be lying if I told you the life of an interior designer is a breeze.  Last week, I encountered lots of setbacks.  I had ordered a clock from Wisteria over the phone, picked it and and drove it one hour to my client’s home only to unwrap it and find it broken.  Yes, I got the joy of repeating the process and let’s just say I hit Wisteria for my second visit when Obama arrived at Love Field.  I also heard from Pottery Barn, that the chairs that had now been on backorder 5 times, were delayed a 6th and “hopefully the vendor will ship soon”.  And let’s not forget the heavy Waterworks tile.   I unloaded them by hand in a front yard in the upper 90s heat only to finally get it all in the home to find out it was the wrong stuff.

{1} Pinterest {2} Wisteria Handpainted Parisian Clock {3} Backordered Pottery Barn Wynn Chairs {4} Waterworks Mosaic Tile

But in the end, there is always something to learn.  It’s really my reaction that matters, right?  Let’s drink to that. To the setbacks!


One thought on “On the Job with C: Setbacks

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