On the Job with C: A. Hays Town

Former Louisiana clients of mine are huge fans of architect A. Hays Town.  He was the master of Southern vernacular architecture whose work showed a strong influences of the culture of south Louisiana.  His designs include interior courtyards and fountains that reflect the Spanish tradition, beautiful raised porches with with stairs giving a nod to the Acadian cottage and his use of French doors with full length shutters that captured the Creole influences from New Orleans.  Many of these architectural elements are still incorporated by architects and designers today, including our work that will help our former Louisiana family feel right at home.

Here is glimpse of A. Hays Town work:

{1} Greeson House loved by Jeremy Corkern Town’s mentor {2} A. Hays Town {3} A beautiful courtyard {4} Porch with character

For more images, check out Pinterest or purchase his coffee table book The Louisiana Houses of A. Hays Town.