Paint Ponder: Natural Cream

It seems that everyone is lightening up these days.  I’ve been recommending off white paint colors for months.  One that works nicely?  Benjamin Moore Natural Cream OC-14.  Sophisticated, but versatile with a tiny hint of gray.

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Paint Ponder: Seashell

I’ve decided to lighten up my house as sometimes it just doesn’t get enough light.  One option?  Benjamin Moore Seashell OC-12 or 926.  Says designer Jennifer Garrigues, “This reminds me of the lightest color inside a shell – a little warmer than white….it would turn a bedroom into a lovely retreat.  It’s the coziness that’s calming.  It takes away the buzz in your head after a hard day’s work”.  I like the sounds of that.  I’ll let you know how it looks on the wall.

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Paint Ponder: Slipper Satin

Ready to rid yourself of the holiday spirit and move to a peaceful neutral space?  Try Farrow & Ball’s Slipper Satin No. 2004.  It’s got just a hint of pink, but settles as a warm cream.  Try it as a cabinet or trim color too.

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Paint Ponder: Lancaster Whitewash

Looking for a neutral?  This “well loved greenish-gray tan” by Benjamin Moore , Lancaster Whitewash HC-174,  might be a good one to consider.  I love it’s subtlety allowing your furniture to steal the show.  What do you think?

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Friday Happy Hour: Neutral Living Room

The decorations are down and the tree is recycled.  2014 is here so how do you relax and best embrace it?  Sometimes it’s just best to pare things down and go neutral.  There is a sense of peace and happiness that comes from that.  So put away the crimson throw and go for something beige, gray or cream.  It might just be the thing you need to start your year off right.