On the Job with C: Silk Taffeta

There are many luxurious items in the world of design, but one of my favorite “go for it” recommendations is a silk taffeta.  It always drapes effortlessly and has the beauty of a wedding gown. Use it on drapery, a canopy, pillows or dare I saw as a wall covering.  Expensive? Yes. Worth it? Yes. Just ask a few of my clients who coddled them with great care at our reveal.   I love having them custom made, but if that’s not an option, Neiman Marcus has some great ones (love the Hampton) and Drape Style and Half Price drapes are options too.  Indulge….

{1} Jan Showers {2} Decorpad {3} Tidbits & Twine {4} Dust Jacket

On the Job with C: Drapery Pleats

Now that the countertops are nearly in and the house is fully painted, it’s time to finalize the window covering details for the Fairview home.  In most of the rooms, we have already chosen fabric with trim, but the rods and pleat type remain.  I usually love a french pinch pleat, so classic and makes the drapery panel look professionally finished.  I rarely do rod pockets, unless its a very modern home on a strict budget.  Here are some of the drapery pleats I love….

{1} French pinch pleats with decorative trim on both sides, 2-3″ in on a special order bay window rod  {2} Pencil Pleat  for a tighter look at the top {3} Inverted Pleat with contrasting bottom {4} Goblet pleats with a little bit of glam embellishment on them.  Love.