Paint Ponder: Worldly Gray

I want gray.  I want taupe.  I can’t decide.   Here’s a good in between.  Think of it as a taupe gray.  Sherwin Williams SW 7043 Worldly Gray.  It is like the color of putty or often the grout color you see between bricks. It’s the perfect combination if you can’t decide and really just need greige.

{1} Great also as a trim color {2} Love it on the back of a bookcase {3} Wall color works great with light and dark stains {4} And very restful in a bedroom

Paint Ponder: Titanium

Neutrals.  It seems lately gray, grey or greige hit a wall so more often than beige.  I’ve used quite a few grays over the years and here is another one I love.  Titanium by Benjamin Moore OC-49.  It looks great anywhere, from a living room to a bathroom room to a dining area.  Lighten up and give it a try.

{1} {2} {3} {4}