Friday Happy Hour: Brass Accessories

You almost have to be dead not to have noticed the comeback of brass accessories.  I’m not talking about the shiny brass fixtures you recently ripped out of your 1980s home, but the classic worn brass pieces with a vintage look.  They work great when mixed with color and even other metals.   I especially love sprinkling them on coffee tables. Here are some of my favorites:

{1} A collection of coffee table brass accessories from Pinterest  {2} Kelly Wearstler’s Brass Kaledioscope from Forty Five Ten  {3} Brass Acton Centerpiece from Shop Ten 25 {4} Brass Bull from Jonathan Adler

Friday Happy Hour: JCPenney meets Jonathan Adler

One of my very first jobs was working at JCPenney.  Since then JCP has had their share of ups and downs, including mostly recently making news with their former Apple CEO Ron Johnson being ousted.  Needless to say, I was quite happy (no pun intended “Happy Chic” ) with their recent collaboration with designer Jonathan Adler.

Here are a couple of colorful AND affordable items I love:

{1} Store Vignette {2} Crescent Heights Desk $900  {3} Elizabeth Bath Collection  {4} Charlotte Ribbed Table Lamp  $28

What do you think?

Friday Happy Hour: Shop Talk

Who doesn’t love sites like 1st dibs and  One, admittedly me, can spend hours window shopping for some of the greatest finds ever.  Over the last year or so, 1st dibs has broadened my experience with articles.  I especially love the column  “Shop Talk” which highlights some of the upcoming new stores and their artist/designer owners.

Here are some savvy ones who recently caught my attention:

Jonathan Adler, a top interior designer who recently selected some of his favorite things from the site, said this, “I actually hate 1stdibs.  It’s taken my life away.  I’m unable to get any work done because I spend all day glued to my computer, perusing 1stdibs.”  Enough said.  I couldn’t agree more.

{1} Roark  {2} Espasso  {3}Kelly Wearstler  {4} Galerie Kreo

On the Job with C: Yellow

Yellow is happy, optimist and always fun.  I love it!

These days I’m working hard on a variety of clients, but I’m secretly hoping to complete my new office in between.  And yes, the color yellow might appear in there somehow.  Here are some fun items that I have recently run across:

{1} Kate Spade wallet – For client shopping as its best to have a separate business wallet {2} West Elm martini side table – Perfect next to my white lattice side chair {3} Crate & Barrel tape measure – For the next field measure…we are always in need to two {4} Jonathan Adler candle – Perfect on my desk and smells awesome, especially when my dog sleeps under the desk

Hopefully some of these items will reappear down the road in my happy office.  Which one is your favorite?

Friday Happy Hour: Candles

Doesn’t everyone love a great candle?  I know I do.  There’s nothing better than wrapping up in your favorite blanket, grabbing a book and glass of wine and lighting the perfect candle.  Here are some of my favorites:

{1} Lafco named one after each room of the house – perfect for our recent client, a gift from Paper Affair in Dallas.  {2} A recent gift from my sweet neighbor.  Thank you!  {3} Love etched glass container of the Capri Candle from Jonathan Adler.  {4} Oh Michael Arms, I do love you too!  From Neiman Marcus.

At CMI, we use candles in a variety of ways with our clients.  Sometimes we choose one because of its stunning glasswork that help make our room sing.  Other times, they make the perfect client gift packaged in the most beautiful box ever.   We also use them to create ambiance in various settings whether it be a hopping outdoor dinner party, a relaxing spa or an intimate dinner gathering.  Candles not only add interest to a room, but they can also bring a soothing scent in selected environments.  You have to be smart about it though.  No ones wants to smell pineapple birthday cake at your next fiesta.

Three quick recommendations:  1) Avoid using scented candles at a dinner table as there are already plenty of scents going around  2) If you sense the candle is tacky or smells funny, it does – keep it simple  3)  Get creative – mix candles with natural things like pomegranates, tree bark and other candles.

So grab a few of your favorites and put them to use in your home.  Which ones are you going to use?