On the Job with C: Bevolo

As our Long Cove project moves forward, we switched our attention back to accessories.  Time for lighting!  And nothing is better than Bevolo when it comes to classic, New Orleans style fixtures.  Started in the French Quarter in 1945, the company revolutionized the production of gas lamps creating the first original French Quarter Lamp.  We chose not only several great sizes in the French Quarter style, but also selected a amazing chandelier and even a French Threshing Board art piece.  Here’s a sneak peek…..

{1} Bevolo Classic London Street {2} French Farmhouse Chandelier for Dining Room {3} Lantern on Yoke Hanger for the exterior entrances {4} French Quarter Hanging Chain for kitchen island


On the Job with C: Lanterns

While cruising through inspiration photos with a client last week, I picked up on her new fondness for lanterns.  “I love these,” she told me, “they remind me of Louisiana”.  Note to self, add to shopping list and figure out the best place to use them.

Here some great ways designers have used them in a variety of rooms…

Images:  {1} Traditional Home {2} Tommy Smythes  {3} Pinterest  {4}Rethink 

Where have you used a lantern?