On the Job with C: Long Cove Photoshoot

Monday I headed back down to Long Cove with my photographer Michael to finally shoot our Long Cove lake house.  While it’s been awhile since we completed installation, it’s super hard to schedule a photo shoot when everyone is just have a terrific time at the house.  The photos should be available for viewing soon, but in the meantime, here are some other great homes that have gone up…

All photos from my iPhone.

On the Job with C: Construction Progress

Time’s a ticking.  We are coming down the back stretch on the Long Cove Lakehome.  We are hoping to complete at the end of November.  Tile is going in, wood floors are being laid and the walls are being textured.  I just finalized all the paint colors and am ordering hardware.  Here’s a peek at the progress….

{1} View from the lake {2} Shared bath with river rock floor {3} Great Room floors going in {4} One of the four stone fireplaces

On the Job with C: Long Cove Update

Remember the last time I posted an update on our Long Cove construction progress? Plus here, here or here?  A lot has changed.  It’s so exciting.  Long Cove Drive is now an official dirt road with some amazing lake homes.  I can’t wait to see how fast these develop over the next few months. I even toured a few others while I was down there. Here’s a little peek at ours….

{1} Front Entry  {2} Back View with large nano door in {3} Pool  {4} Side Yard with brick and stain in progress

On the Job with C: Long Cove Construction Progress

It’s coming along.  The roof is on, the siding is in motion and the entire house layout is intact. This week we did our first electrical walkthrough, identifying where outlets and lighting should be placed.  Here’s a look at the progress.

{1} Beautiful wood siding  {2} Ethan checking out the beginnings of a great pool {3} Recently filled in “driveway”  {4} The Great Room with amazing views to the lake

On the Job with C: Long Cove progress

Last week, I took my trusty dog with me on a trip down to Long Cove.  Our client’s lake home is nearing completion of the frame process and I met up with the tile contractors to start planning for floor tile and countertops.  Everytime I go, something has changed.  The community is slowly sprouting up with carefully designed luxury homes with a peaceful style. But perhaps my favorite part, is the slow country feel it has upon driving in.  From bending roads with bowing arch tree tunnels to quiet lakes with cattle grazing, it’s a real treasure…

All photos off my iPhone  {1} Long Cove’s main entrance {2} Paws my design assistant {3} Second Floor framing {4} Mom, Dad and Baby Longhorn

On the Job with C: Construction at Long Cove

We are off and running.  Carol and I just visited Long Cove to take a sneak peak of our lake home project.  I love to see a new home going up and this one if going to be amazing.  So great to see the plans in action. And you won’t believe what they have done with the overall development.  If you are looking for a lake home an hour from Dallas, be sure to check out Cedar Creek Lake.  More to come!

All photos take on my iPhone at our site in the Long Cove development

Friday Happy Hour: Long Cove Visit

Last weekend I visited Long Cove with my client for the third time.   Although I took a look at the excavation process and quickly ran through the models, I was mainly a guest enjoying their amenities.  So much progress has been made on this resort area and it’s so impressive.  We had an amazing time and even though I would love to share the pics of me in my swimsuit at the super cool pool, I think the ones on their website are so much better.  🙂  If you are looking for a place to build a lake home, this is it.  Only an hour from Dallas, it’s pretty much paradise.

On the Job with C: Long Cove

2013 has started off with a bang for CMI.  We were just awarded a job to design the interiors of a brand new lake home.  We are absolutely thrilled.  The community is just an hour and half south of Big D in a amazing subdivision that surely going to be making big news.  Long Cove is a master planned luxury community modeled with the ideals of new urbanism.  After a visit this past weekend with my boys, hubby and assistant Alex, I’m smitten.

“Long Cove is a new community built to give Dallas families a close-to-home place to sneak away for much-needed bonding and relaxation time.  Long Cove’s initial phase includes 34 properties, situated in the middle of the community’s six miles of picturesque shoreline.”  Think Watercolor, Seaside…but closer.

To schedule a home or homesite preview at Long Cove, email info@long-cove.com or contact them at 214.220.9992.