On the Job with C: Above the chest

Almost everyone has some type of table or chest against a wall that need to be developed.  Often times, we consider a piece of artwork, a mirror or shelves to add some drama.   It’s easy to get stuck in just considering one piece of art, but how about two, three or some other type of combo?  Here’s a look….

{1} Traditional Home {2} Atlanta Homes {3} Phoebe Howard {4} House Beautiful

On the Job with C: Trumeau Mirror

I’m working on a client’s dining room and we are introducing a bit of a french flair.  While desiring to get little more light in the room, we are considering a Trumeau mirror. Manufactured in France in the 18th century, these beautiful pieces were used to designate space between windows, providing a decorative element.  Most are rectangular in shape and usually include a decorative portion at the top.  Here are some rooms that showcase one….

{1}Cote de Texas {2}Pinterest {3}Better Homes & Gardens {4}House Beautiful

Friday Happy Hour: Mirrors

Are you looking great this Friday?  I’m guessing many of you have validated that fact by checking yourself out in a great mirror.  Last week I was working with a client on some powder bathrooms and I suggested picking out the mirror first.  While this seems like one of the last things to purchase, mirrors need to be consider upfront as they will become the focal point of the room.   Think of them as artwork.  Which one do you like?

{1} Pinterest {2} Anthropologie’s Circle Jig Mirror {3} Horchow’s Porcupine Quill Mirror  {4} Wisteria’s Scalloped Edge Mirror