Friday Happy Hour: Opening Night of Thrift Studio

Last evening my neighbor and I attended the opening night of Dwell with Dignity’s Thrift Studio!  It was a night of fabulous drinks/appetizers, great finds at discount prices and the mingling of many of the area’s best designers, including honorary chair Jan Showers.  I scored a lacquered pink box, beautiful gold bird and a pair of malachite bookends.  SK took home a cute kids table and chairs designed by Todd Ficus.  It was a record breaking party with all the proceeds benefitting DWD.

Don’t worry if you missed it though!  Thrift Studio is now open to the public and will be running for the next 30 days.  New inventory will continue to be introduced, including some great finds from Mitchell Gold +Bob Williams and other generous supporters. Be sure to stop by:  Dallas Design Center 1250 Slocum Suite #380 in Dallas.  Hours are Tuesday – Saturday 10 AM – 5:30 PM.

{1} Coveted bird lamps, part of Cody Hutchenson’s vignette, sold immediately.  {2) Horchow designed the upper annex and which featured amazing discount lighting  {3} Neal Stewart’s vignette is beautiful, ran for the bench but it had sold before I got to it  {4}  Loved Sherry Hayslip’s vignette who really took it up a notch with the brick wall.

Friday Happy Hour: Framed Minerals

I love these.  They are kind of like those cute sparkly shoes you love to dance in.  Classic…with a hint of dazzle.   While minerals always add a little sparkle on a coffee or bedside table, on the wall they truly make a statement.  I’m craving a collection of these for my home.  Call it a gem, agate, crystal or mineral – I’m in.

{1} From Bob Williams + Mitchell Gold $440 each {2} Adored by Parlour Home  {3} A collage on Pinterest {4} From Shop Ten 25 $250 each

What do you think?

Friday Happy Hour: Pharmacy Lamp

It’s July and that means SALE.  I often find great finds this time of year.  While much of the world is off sleeping on vacation, stores are clearing out store models.  This week I headed to the Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Sample Sale and scored a Pharmacy Lamp for $59.  I love this classic piece.  Mine is in brass and now graces my office desk.

Here are some great examples of its use:

{1 & 2} Pinterest  {3} Bond Street Lamp, orig $249; now mine  {4} Restoration Hardware’s Rowan Pharmacy Task Lamp