Friday Happy Hour: Mrs. Howard’s Room by Room

I love design books.  They make for some great inspiration and let’s not forget how stunning they can look on a coffee table.  I have lots of favorites: Barbara Barry’s Around Beauty, Annie Kelley’s Rooms to Inspire, Aerin Lauder’s Beauty at Home and Jan Showers Glamorous Rooms and the list goes on.  What I’m really looking forward to Phoebe Howard‘s book, Mrs. Howard, Room by Room (available by pre-release by Amazon here or B&N here) that features her classic style.  Here’s a peek….

Images from Barnes & Noble.

Paint Ponder: Clunch

“After we bought the place we were flying up from Florida to Atlanta, and as we came through the clouds I said, ‘This is what I want to wake up to every morning, a feeling of lightness and airiness, like we’re floating on a meringue.’ Polished woods and shots of gold — the gilt of a picture frame, the dull brass of a chandelier — warm the palette up and bring it to life.” , stated Phoebe Howard on her light and airy office painted in Farrow & Ball Clunch No. 2009.  I can’t agree more.  It might just be the perfect neutral.

{1} House Beautiful {2} Houzz {3} House Beautiful {4} Pinterest

Paint Ponder: Glass Slipper

This is one of my favorite blues.  It’s very soft and subtle.  It works wonderfully for those rooms where you are looking for a calming and timeless look.  If you don’t believe me, ask Phoebe Howard.  As she said, “I’ve used this color so much that the paint chip is all bent and splattered with marks, like a cookbook.”  Well said.

{1} Phoebe Howard Bedroom in House Beautiful  {2} Family Room on Pinterest {3} Pinterest Kitchen {4} Living Room

On the Job with C: Peacock Alley Outlet

Last week I had the joy of meeting my BFF from my interior design school days.  She and I had taken several online classes together and finally met over lunch.  It was so awesome to chat face to face!  During of our conversation, she mentioned how nice it must be to have all the resources that Dallas offers.  I had to agree, we have an ever-growing amazing design district and not to mention some really unique stores (think Studio Ten 25, Again & Again, Consignment Heaven and Forty-Five Ten).

Another favorite that I often frequent is the Peacock Alley Outlet.  A luxury linen Dallas based company at 2050 Postal Way, it offers terrific items for 20 – 70% off.  Today I worked on a bedroom with super sales manager Levi, who helped find the perfect linen duvet in seagrass, along with shams and accessories to boot.  I had to make two trips, as I had forgotten a paint sample, but in the end the drive was worth it.

Here’s a look of what’s coming together:

{1} Inspiration from Phoebe Howard  {2-4} Peacock Alley’s Rio linen collection in Seagrass (discontinued but a few remainders at the outlet) and sheets in Adagio (ditto)